Ilhan Ates

CS Student @ TUM

Passionate about software development and most things related to it, with a focus on microservices and distributed systems.

Ilhan Ates

Work Experience

Working Student, Backend Developer


Hetzner Cloud




Part of the Network team, working on network-related parts of Hetzner Cloud as a working student (part-time).

Side Projects


2021 - 2023

A Mojang/Microsoft-partnered game server under Piki Studios. Mostly worked on DevOps, load balancing and microservices.


2020 - Present

Another Minecraft server. I worked not only on the frontend and the player experience but also on the backend: databases, containerization, firewalls.


2019 - Present

A very small team building a Minecraft server with original games. Single developer as well as project manager.

A dead simple QR code generator I made for the Appwrite Lightning Hackathon.

A tool to bulk-edit EXIF timestamps of photo.
Because I set the date of my camera wrong that one time.

A tool to show your TIDAL listening status on Discord, including the album cover.
Because I had no Spotify at the time.



A bot that mirrors top posts from r/aww to Instagram every hour.
Because I needed more cute pictures in my life.

It broke as Instagram (understandably) made it gradually harder for bots to exist.